3 januari 2011

Back to work...

Good evening all!

Just a quick post while dinner’s in the oven… Really tired, so easy solution, deep-frozen pizza!
Today I had my first day at my new workplace. So exhausting! At my previous job I had some really really good co-workers, but the way the work was structured and sadly the superiors too made working there not so fun. So I made the decision to leave and apply somewhere else, still in the same building, but a totally different department. Also my working hours will be less variable, less weekends so my biorhythm will hopefully benefit as well!
Only downside is, I’m back at the bottom of the class now so to speak, have to learn everything from scratch. But it’s a nice stimulus for the brain cells, so I can keep them trained… The next few weeks will be challenging but hopefully I’ll enjoy the work and I’ll be happier there. Sadly, I will miss my favourite co-workers dearly, luckily I know I’ll see them regularly! Today they came by my new ward and gave my a good luck present with lots of ‘we’ll miss you’ cards. So after dinner, I’m going to read them all. I’ll put a box of tissues nearby, just in case!

Love, Zjizjipke!

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