6 maart 2011

While I’m steadily working on my blankie, not a lot of stuff from my 10in11-list is being made… Everyday must-do’s and work are sadly taking up a lot of want-do time.
I probably don’t have to elaborate on that subject? You all know how time just seems to fly by? How the crocheting hooks and the sewing machine give you longing looks when you pass by with another load of laundry?

But sometimes I do manage to squeeze in some hookytime! I found some gorgeous bright turquoise wool in the thrift shop recently and it wasn’t enough for a big project. So when I came across Ingrids tutorial for an easy scarf, I closed my eyes for the dirty dishes in the sink and sat down with my hook and wool!

The scarf is as easy as promised and has really nice look.

Only thing left to do is pry the scarf away from the elephant, because he likes it that much he doesn’t want to give it back…
And of course the queen of the house came to inspect while I was taking pictures!

Love, Zjizjipke!

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