29 september 2011

I'm still here!!!!!

I must be the worst blogger ever...

But I promise to pick up the pace soon!

Sure, I hear you say, but what's your excuse to neglect your blog like this? And what about your crafty things, are they getting the attention they deserve?

No, I must admit with blushing cheeks of shame, my blankie and my sewing machine already packed their suitcase and threatened to move out... After lots of talking and pleading they agreed to stay, phew!

Ok, that's the crafty stuff, but what about your excuse? What could keep you so preoccupied that you can't squeeze in some posts?

Well... I don't really have a valid excuse, only that everyday life seems to have taken me hostage in some way. I do try to keep up by reading all of my favorite blogs, soaking up all the creative energy!

I do still miss my crochet, sewing and of course my blog, so I'm going to try and make some more time for you all!

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