13 maart 2012

#wijvenweek: day 2!

Guilty pleasures and my shortcomings, those are the topics for today… Curious yet?

Well about those guilty pleasures, I‘m not sure I have any :-) Sleeping in, eating too much junk food, letting the dishes pile up in the sink and do something fun instead, having lazy afternoons or entire days… Nope, not feeling guilty whatsoever! I try to enjoy my pleasures and those dishes won’t run away (could be handy though if they would just disappear)…

This doesn’t mean I can’t feel bad about housework piling up or unfinished projects or things like that, because I am a procrastinator like no other! But I just don’t see the point in doing/eating/drinking/… something you like and then feel guilty about it at the same moment… Spoils the fun, right? Regret can sometimes follow right behind or the next day, but I like to enjoy the moment itself :-)

Now about my darker sides! Scared yet? Moehahaha!

Just kidding, no really dangerous skeletons in this closet… Only the less admirable faces of a human being… I’ll narrow it down to three!

- Procrastinating! As said above, I’m the real deal! Back in school, I couldn’t make assignments without a ticking clock by my side, every time I would promise myself to start sooner next time… But I never succeeded to work ahead… Now in my adult life, same old! I want to make this, do that, paint the kitchen, crochet ten projects and what happens? Not a lot… Unless it’s something I need to finish by a certain moment, but again in a race against time… Or sometimes I just have a really big urge to do something, then I have to start straight away, but maybe that’s my impatience surfacing!

- Not finishing things! If by any chance or urge I do start something, like cleaning out all the cupboards in the house, the last cupboard feels left out, because it doesn’t get done… Or if I’m crocheting something, it get’s left lying around half-finished or worse 99% done… Luckily at some point in time, I take control and finish a load of semi-done stuff!

- I need people to love me and like me and show me they do… The amount of love and attention needed depends on the time of the month, but there is a minimum amount required to keep me going. For instance: if by any chance someone doesn’t text me back, I can feel rejected and unwanted by them and sometimes by the entire world (one day a month)! I‘m the kind of person who can take things way too personal and assume the worst if someone is a bit short-tempered… Well, while I’m typing this, I’m thinking ‘how sad does that sound???’ Let’s just say I’m high-maintenance when it comes to cuddles, hugs, affection and attention…

So, you all still like me, right???

More guilty pleasures an stuff on #wijvenweek!

Love, Zjizjipke!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. congratulations! your text proves you are a damn fine "wijf"!
    Schoon geschreven!

    1. Thanks! I'm gonna carry that title with proud! :-)

  2. As to the darker side... That so sounds like me!!! Is that why we're BFF's??? Because we're so alike??? Oh my, those poor people we come in contact with when we're together... ;-) xxx