14 maart 2012

#wijvenweek: day 3!

Well, looks like somebody’s got an opinion! Meet the topic for the third day of Wijvenweek!

Opinions, everybody’s got them… Some keep them for themselves, some display them too much ad too loud (but that’s also an opinion, I guess).

I have opinions, lots of them, about love, friendship, the world, the crisis, politics, breastfeeding, racism,… about everything :-) But mostly I tend to keep them to myself, unless I’m in good company that treats other peoples opinions with respect…

Don’t get me wrong, I like a good discussion, a fiery conversation with people defending what they believe in and what they stand for! An exchange of reasons, beliefs, pros and cons. I can really enjoy having the opportunity to defend what you stand for with every fibre in your body, trying to explain, make the other one see why it is you are right, thinking of examples that support your opinion. Almost like a game of chess or sometimes a boxing game, chances of winning going forth and back…

I love to engage in such a lively talk, but with that kind of debate must come a mutual respect for one another, a willingness to listen to the other person and an open mind. And the respect to not try and kick the other person down, throw punches below the belt or attack them in a personal way, but sticking to the subject on the table and afterwards a good laugh together…

That’s my opinion about opinions! And for another opinion that came to me just now:

Today on the other Wijvenweek-posts, I saw a lot of pro and con breastfeeding opinions… Having studied midwifery and seeing the benefits and downsides of both manners of feeding your little precious bundle of joy, I can proudly present my opinion about this :-)

Plain and simple! Do what you want and what feels most right for you and your new-born! Some people are born to breastfeed, love it and wouldn’t not do it. Some people are born to bottle-feed, love it and wouldn’t not do it. Everybody knows the benefits of mother milk, they are true, they are great! But if mommy feels uncomfortable, unsure or is just not that into it, why force them? They’re not going to love it because someone tries to guilt trip them into it!! If you’re not sure yet, yes or no, why not try it for a few days? If it works, great! If not? Change to bottles, an unhappy mom who struggles multiple times a day to try and breastfeed won’t make a happy baby… And I’m going to try and breastfeed (someday when it’s my time) but if it doesn’t work for me, I’ll change to bottles… I’m all pro breastfeeding, really, it as great benefits, it does! But I’m not pro the ‘everywomenneedstobreastfeedtobeagoodmom’religion that is the standard these days, because they don’t respect ones right to choose…

And what’s your opinion about this post? Do tell!

Love, Zjizjpke!

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