15 maart 2012

#wijvenweek: day 4!

Dreaming big dreams… I’ve spent countless hours dreaming what would be my perfect job and life! Decorating my dream house, white walls, the Tulip table and chairs, splashes of colour and vintage… Traveling the world… Writing a novel… I could go on for hours!

During my childhood I was already obsessed with books, late at night you would find me in bed with a book (and a bag of illegally stashed candy, but that’s another story). I tried playing with dolls sometimes, but that got so boring really soon… Instead I kept reading and I even created my own library! With library cards, opening hours and everything… Sadly, not a lot of members found their way to the smallest library in town! So my dream job was, is and will always be something to do with books, reading, writing (lack of talent and nerve kind of stopped me in that) or selling. So if I ever win the lottery, I’m so opening a bookshop!! A cosy, beautifully vintage style decorated bookshop with comfy sofas, a coffee machine and some of the cutest knickknacks on sale too! Someday maybe I’ll send out invitations for the grand opening :-)

But if I could make one dream come true, it would be: to be happy! Nothing fancy, no mansions, expensive cars, handbags that cost an arm and a leg or extravagant luxuries, nope! Just to be happy with the one I love, one or two kids, a house to feel at home, enough money to live without worries, a job I love and my family and friends happy and in good health… Maybe it sounds like a plain and simple life, but this is my biggest dream!

Love, Zjizjipke!

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2 opmerkingen:

  1. En een mooie droom! Dezelfde als de mijne, behalve dan wat de kindjes betreft. Maar ondertussen blijf ik wel heel stilletjes hopen dat mijn pa of ma de lotto serieus winnen (wij spelen zelf niet mee ;-) ) en dan een beetje willen delen met ons ;-)

  2. Awesome dream!!! And did I just see a hint at possibly 2 kids?!? Oh my, we have changed... ;-) xxx