16 maart 2012

#wijvenweek: day 5!

Today the topic calls for a lack of censorship, blogging about the things you normally would never blog about… The things you keep to yourself and your nearest and dearest.

-I’m so so so glad it’s Friday!! I like my job, but I love not having to go to work more! I could really pull off staying at home…

-I’m really no decent housewife! Working full-time and then coming home to more work, my procrastinating gets the upper hand and I tend to prefer reading blogs or crocheting to cleaning… On the other hand, when I’m home for a few days or my boyfriend is here, I can enjoy homemaking :-) Cleaning, cooking, even ironing isn’t that big a burden anymore! Guess I like taking care of someone else more than making a dinner-for-one… (and yes, I admit, sometimes I eat a bag of crisps for dinner…) So for instance yesterday I did the dishes that piled up for the entire week. I really don’t like doing the dishes, so they tend to build up until I have no other choice… And then I use really bad words to myself for creating such a mess :-)

-When I was single, I wasn’t that meticulous in trimming and shaving and colour coordinating my underwear… Now I am! At least the days we’re together :-)

-In the morning when I get out of bed? Please don’t talk to me! I have a really bad morning mood, really…

-I always said I didn’t want any kids! No kids, they’re loud and messy and they cry and deprive you of your sleep and peace of mind! I was sure I didn’t have that thing called a biological clock :-) Uhu! I do have one and it started ticking about a year ago. They’re not planned in the near future though! But I still don’t have a thing for other people’s kids, is that weird??

So 5 things I normally won’t blog about… More to see on #wijvenweek!

Love, Zjizjipke!

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