17 maart 2012

#wijvenweek: day 6!

Well, it’s already the last day of #wijvenweek! So soon! When I first decided to participate, I didn’t think I would be able to produce a half decent post every day… So you get my surprise, I did write something each day! This is a thing to be proud of :-) And that brings us to the theme of the day: We’re all superwomen, more even: multitasking superwomen! Today is the day to shout out what aspect of yourself makes you proud!

And this is the topic I dreaded the most!! I’ve always had problems accepting compliments from other people, let alone giving myself a big thumbs up… So let’s try…

I’m proud to be the person I am today, with al my flaws and qualities. I’m good at understanding new things, logic and reasoning. I’m proud of the fact I can keep my life running reasonably smooth, job, house, bills and all…

Mmm, I’m really no good in blowing my own trumpet, am I? Definitely room for improvement!

Love, Zjizjipke!

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