13 januari 2013

The making of a crochet bunting, part 1

For a big project I’m working on for months, I wanted to make a bunting too. The project will remain a secret for now (it’s not finished yet!), but I’ll show you how I made the bunting.

I used Drops Paris with a number 5 crochet hook. You just need to know two kinds of stitches for this. Chain and dc-double crochet in UK (or sc in US terms). For more information about the different kinds of stitches, I made a chart.


Start with chaining two stitches.

Row 1: Dc two into the second chain from the hook.

Row 2: Turn your work, chain 1 and dc two in each stitch (4st).

Row 3: Turn your work, chain 1, dc two in first stitch, dc one in the two next stitches, dc two in the last stitch (6st).

Row 4: Turn your work, chain 1, dc one in every stitch (6st).

Row 5: Turn your work, chain 1, dc two in first stitch, dc one in the following stitches (all but the last), dc two in the last stitch (8st).

Row 6,7,…: Keep repeating row 4 and 5 (so every other row the number of stitches increases with 2).

When my flag was wide enough for my liking, but not high enough, I did some rows without increasing stitches (the last three or four rows).

I worked in the ends and then blocked the triangles on a towel. Not mandatory, but it gives them a nicer finish :-)


Next time I’ll show you how I crocheted them together.


Love, Zjizjipke!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Dat wordt een vrolijke vlaggenlijn! Mooi hoor. Een fijne dag!

  2. Vlaggetjes haken, daar word je zo vrolijk van. Ik vind dat heerlijk om te doen. Veel plezier bij het afmaken. Ik ben heel benieuwd :-)))

  3. Ooo so pretty and neat, reminds me of marshmallows!