18 april 2011


My blankie kept growing,

Slowly but steadily,

Row after row after row.


I ran out of cotton..

Yep, you read correct: I ran out of cotton! Sigh…

Luckily I can order some more,

So I can continue with my colourful blankie,

Ripple after ripple after ripple…

But for now, it'll have to wait...

Love, zjizjipke!

6 april 2011


Look! Here are my yummie tomatoes! You don't see any, you say??

Well, I hope I can show you them soon!

Today I sowed my seeds in an indoor-incubator-thingy, zucchinis and yellow tomatoes…

When the last frost leaves the country, they'll be moving onto my terrace, only 2 by 7 metres, but home to lots of plants, flowers and crops... If only I had a real garden! But this will do for now ;-)

Last year my zucchini got attacked by an army of ants, so I only harvested one. Hopefully this year I can beat the ant problem… Sadly they are already invading my balcony, anyone got any anti-ant tips?

My yummiest yellow baby tomatoes are absolutely divine, the plants give loads and loads of fruit. They’re sweeter than regular tomatoes and give a nice touch to any salad or even pasta sauce!

To end this beautiful sunny day, I give you two more orchid pictures. The yellow one is named Maya Yellow, just like my cat (only the spelling is different, I used Finnish spelling for Maija)

Enjoy the good weather the next few days!

Love, Zjizjipke!