25 maart 2012

More quiche: minced meat and zucchini…

Yes, I admit! I’m a quiche-fan!! :-) This time I made some mini-quiches, yummy!!!

What do you need?

- Zucchini (courgette)

- Minced meat

- Onion and garlic

- Puff pastry (bladerdeeg)

- Eggs

- Cream

- Pepper and salt for seasoning

- Butter

- Grated cheese if you like cheese

What do you do?

Melt butter in a pan, throw in the chopped onion and let it stew for a few minutes, add the chopped garlic and the minced meat and let it fry until the meat is done. Throw in the zucchini (diced) and let it simmer for a few minutes. Put everything in a strainer and let it cool down and drain well. Too much liquid is a quiche's worst enemy!

Put the puff pastry in a quiche or pie tin (or a few smaller tins), poke it well with a fork to keep it from puffing too much while baking.

Mix your cream and eggs together, season with salt and pepper (use one egg per 100 ml cream) and wisk well! Then you want to dump your zucchini-meat mixture in with your egg-cream mix. Stir well and then divide this in your mould.

If you like some cheese, you can put the grated cheese on top now.

Preheat your oven (about 180°C), put in the quiche and bake (about 40-45 minutes for a large tin, less for mini-quiches) until golden brown and the quiche is firm and yummy!




Love, Zjizjipke!

19 maart 2012

Home Sweet Home: Lazy Monday…

Being a cat wouldn’t be a bad life… Would it?










Home sweet home is Barbaramama’s idea. Check her blog for more Home sweet home!

Love, Zjizjipke!

17 maart 2012

#wijvenweek: day 6!

Well, it’s already the last day of #wijvenweek! So soon! When I first decided to participate, I didn’t think I would be able to produce a half decent post every day… So you get my surprise, I did write something each day! This is a thing to be proud of :-) And that brings us to the theme of the day: We’re all superwomen, more even: multitasking superwomen! Today is the day to shout out what aspect of yourself makes you proud!

And this is the topic I dreaded the most!! I’ve always had problems accepting compliments from other people, let alone giving myself a big thumbs up… So let’s try…

I’m proud to be the person I am today, with al my flaws and qualities. I’m good at understanding new things, logic and reasoning. I’m proud of the fact I can keep my life running reasonably smooth, job, house, bills and all…

Mmm, I’m really no good in blowing my own trumpet, am I? Definitely room for improvement!

Love, Zjizjipke!

16 maart 2012

#wijvenweek: day 5!

Today the topic calls for a lack of censorship, blogging about the things you normally would never blog about… The things you keep to yourself and your nearest and dearest.

-I’m so so so glad it’s Friday!! I like my job, but I love not having to go to work more! I could really pull off staying at home…

-I’m really no decent housewife! Working full-time and then coming home to more work, my procrastinating gets the upper hand and I tend to prefer reading blogs or crocheting to cleaning… On the other hand, when I’m home for a few days or my boyfriend is here, I can enjoy homemaking :-) Cleaning, cooking, even ironing isn’t that big a burden anymore! Guess I like taking care of someone else more than making a dinner-for-one… (and yes, I admit, sometimes I eat a bag of crisps for dinner…) So for instance yesterday I did the dishes that piled up for the entire week. I really don’t like doing the dishes, so they tend to build up until I have no other choice… And then I use really bad words to myself for creating such a mess :-)

-When I was single, I wasn’t that meticulous in trimming and shaving and colour coordinating my underwear… Now I am! At least the days we’re together :-)

-In the morning when I get out of bed? Please don’t talk to me! I have a really bad morning mood, really…

-I always said I didn’t want any kids! No kids, they’re loud and messy and they cry and deprive you of your sleep and peace of mind! I was sure I didn’t have that thing called a biological clock :-) Uhu! I do have one and it started ticking about a year ago. They’re not planned in the near future though! But I still don’t have a thing for other people’s kids, is that weird??

So 5 things I normally won’t blog about… More to see on #wijvenweek!

Love, Zjizjipke!

15 maart 2012

#wijvenweek: day 4!

Dreaming big dreams… I’ve spent countless hours dreaming what would be my perfect job and life! Decorating my dream house, white walls, the Tulip table and chairs, splashes of colour and vintage… Traveling the world… Writing a novel… I could go on for hours!

During my childhood I was already obsessed with books, late at night you would find me in bed with a book (and a bag of illegally stashed candy, but that’s another story). I tried playing with dolls sometimes, but that got so boring really soon… Instead I kept reading and I even created my own library! With library cards, opening hours and everything… Sadly, not a lot of members found their way to the smallest library in town! So my dream job was, is and will always be something to do with books, reading, writing (lack of talent and nerve kind of stopped me in that) or selling. So if I ever win the lottery, I’m so opening a bookshop!! A cosy, beautifully vintage style decorated bookshop with comfy sofas, a coffee machine and some of the cutest knickknacks on sale too! Someday maybe I’ll send out invitations for the grand opening :-)

But if I could make one dream come true, it would be: to be happy! Nothing fancy, no mansions, expensive cars, handbags that cost an arm and a leg or extravagant luxuries, nope! Just to be happy with the one I love, one or two kids, a house to feel at home, enough money to live without worries, a job I love and my family and friends happy and in good health… Maybe it sounds like a plain and simple life, but this is my biggest dream!

Love, Zjizjipke!

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14 maart 2012

#wijvenweek: day 3!

Well, looks like somebody’s got an opinion! Meet the topic for the third day of Wijvenweek!

Opinions, everybody’s got them… Some keep them for themselves, some display them too much ad too loud (but that’s also an opinion, I guess).

I have opinions, lots of them, about love, friendship, the world, the crisis, politics, breastfeeding, racism,… about everything :-) But mostly I tend to keep them to myself, unless I’m in good company that treats other peoples opinions with respect…

Don’t get me wrong, I like a good discussion, a fiery conversation with people defending what they believe in and what they stand for! An exchange of reasons, beliefs, pros and cons. I can really enjoy having the opportunity to defend what you stand for with every fibre in your body, trying to explain, make the other one see why it is you are right, thinking of examples that support your opinion. Almost like a game of chess or sometimes a boxing game, chances of winning going forth and back…

I love to engage in such a lively talk, but with that kind of debate must come a mutual respect for one another, a willingness to listen to the other person and an open mind. And the respect to not try and kick the other person down, throw punches below the belt or attack them in a personal way, but sticking to the subject on the table and afterwards a good laugh together…

That’s my opinion about opinions! And for another opinion that came to me just now:

Today on the other Wijvenweek-posts, I saw a lot of pro and con breastfeeding opinions… Having studied midwifery and seeing the benefits and downsides of both manners of feeding your little precious bundle of joy, I can proudly present my opinion about this :-)

Plain and simple! Do what you want and what feels most right for you and your new-born! Some people are born to breastfeed, love it and wouldn’t not do it. Some people are born to bottle-feed, love it and wouldn’t not do it. Everybody knows the benefits of mother milk, they are true, they are great! But if mommy feels uncomfortable, unsure or is just not that into it, why force them? They’re not going to love it because someone tries to guilt trip them into it!! If you’re not sure yet, yes or no, why not try it for a few days? If it works, great! If not? Change to bottles, an unhappy mom who struggles multiple times a day to try and breastfeed won’t make a happy baby… And I’m going to try and breastfeed (someday when it’s my time) but if it doesn’t work for me, I’ll change to bottles… I’m all pro breastfeeding, really, it as great benefits, it does! But I’m not pro the ‘everywomenneedstobreastfeedtobeagoodmom’religion that is the standard these days, because they don’t respect ones right to choose…

And what’s your opinion about this post? Do tell!

Love, Zjizjpke!

13 maart 2012

#wijvenweek: day 2!

Guilty pleasures and my shortcomings, those are the topics for today… Curious yet?

Well about those guilty pleasures, I‘m not sure I have any :-) Sleeping in, eating too much junk food, letting the dishes pile up in the sink and do something fun instead, having lazy afternoons or entire days… Nope, not feeling guilty whatsoever! I try to enjoy my pleasures and those dishes won’t run away (could be handy though if they would just disappear)…

This doesn’t mean I can’t feel bad about housework piling up or unfinished projects or things like that, because I am a procrastinator like no other! But I just don’t see the point in doing/eating/drinking/… something you like and then feel guilty about it at the same moment… Spoils the fun, right? Regret can sometimes follow right behind or the next day, but I like to enjoy the moment itself :-)

Now about my darker sides! Scared yet? Moehahaha!

Just kidding, no really dangerous skeletons in this closet… Only the less admirable faces of a human being… I’ll narrow it down to three!

- Procrastinating! As said above, I’m the real deal! Back in school, I couldn’t make assignments without a ticking clock by my side, every time I would promise myself to start sooner next time… But I never succeeded to work ahead… Now in my adult life, same old! I want to make this, do that, paint the kitchen, crochet ten projects and what happens? Not a lot… Unless it’s something I need to finish by a certain moment, but again in a race against time… Or sometimes I just have a really big urge to do something, then I have to start straight away, but maybe that’s my impatience surfacing!

- Not finishing things! If by any chance or urge I do start something, like cleaning out all the cupboards in the house, the last cupboard feels left out, because it doesn’t get done… Or if I’m crocheting something, it get’s left lying around half-finished or worse 99% done… Luckily at some point in time, I take control and finish a load of semi-done stuff!

- I need people to love me and like me and show me they do… The amount of love and attention needed depends on the time of the month, but there is a minimum amount required to keep me going. For instance: if by any chance someone doesn’t text me back, I can feel rejected and unwanted by them and sometimes by the entire world (one day a month)! I‘m the kind of person who can take things way too personal and assume the worst if someone is a bit short-tempered… Well, while I’m typing this, I’m thinking ‘how sad does that sound???’ Let’s just say I’m high-maintenance when it comes to cuddles, hugs, affection and attention…

So, you all still like me, right???

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Love, Zjizjipke!

11 maart 2012

#wijvenweek: day 1

Day one of the ‘wijvenweek’, we have a lift-off! Topic for today is: there is a beauty queen deep inside all of us… Challenge is to be honest about how we look, want to look and what to wear…

So here we go:

I spend about five to ten minutes in front of the mirror in the morning, no more, no less! This includes hair, contacts and eyeliner. I’m not really good at all the make-up stuff, but I don’t leave the house without my eyeliner, otherwise I look like I haven’t slept in weeks :-)

Because I wear a uniform all day, I don’t really dress up to go to work, mostly plain jeans or skirt and a top. At work I get to dress in a really flattering white bag, with trousers that make your bum look enormous… No sexy nurse-uniforms here ;-)

When I’m home alone, I usually throw on some sweats, just to be comfy… The hair in a clip and no make-up remover! I know, it’s a really big sin, I should take off the liner at night, but mostly I ‘forget’…

I’m sometimes jealous about the women who seem to get their make-up just right everyday, Smokey eyes, a shade of lipstick… Maybe someday I’ll try and learn to do that myself, but for the moment those extra minutes in bed win!

Love, Zjizjipke!

4 maart 2012

Home sweet home: Smell the spring!





Hyacinths! My favourite ‘springisintheair’flower… The entire house smells divine!!

Home sweet home is Barbaramama’s idea. Check her blog for more Home sweet home!

Love, Zjizjipke!

1 maart 2012

Taking off the masks…


From march 12 until 18 the masks are coming off! Lilith and Ilse are hosting an event called ‘wijvenweek’ (no exact translation in English, but it’s like a ladiesweek with guts…)

Dozens of blogging ladies (and men) are going to post about certain themes that week… The big idea and goal is to put aside our glamorous reputation, those stunning pictures, our best work, good hair days, our clean and gorgeously decorated homes and reveal real life: the tons of badly taken pictures, projects that will never be finished or shown, the bad hair days, the dust on the floor and the piles of dirty dishes…

And yes, Zjizjipke will be one of them! So stay tuned for ‘wijvenweek’ and learn all about my (and others) hidden, darker side :-)

Love, Zjizjipke!