25 november 2012

Whatever happened to Blankie n°2??

You remember how enthusiastically I started Blankie n°2 way back in January? With her 450 squares I needed to make?
I know you all are thinking ‘finally the here-she-is-in-all-her-glory-post is here’. Well, yes and no…
During the summer doubt started to creep in, doubt about the heaviness of the end result, all cotton for a double sized blanket equals a lot of weight… The practicality, will it fit in the washing machine? And I lost my drive to crochet another 200 squares for a Blankie that would be absolutely cute, but unused probably…
Then I started to think about the box full of squares that just sat there… What to do? What to do?
Take them all apart and re-use the yarn? Well, no! Maybe I could use them for smaller blankets? Like baby-blankets? Yes! That’s it!
So two new-born bundles of joy are now the proud owners of the very first batch of Zjizjipke’s babyblankies extraordinaire…
The first one for a beautiful baby girl.
2012-08-29 20.45.33
The second one for a gorgeous baby boy.
Hopefully I can make some more baby’s happy with some blankies, I can make loads of colour combinations with my squares :-)
Can’t wait to hear what you think about the babyblankies!
Love, Zjizjipke!

21 november 2012

Well, well, well…

… did you really think I was going to let you finish the pattern today??
Love, Zjizjipke!

18 november 2012


Back in august I came across a granny swap on Twitter. You crochet some granny squares for other people and get an equal amount of granny’s in return. It looked like a fun thing to do, so didn’t hesitate to write myself up!
After some Tweets and mails we agreed on 5 squares each, so with a group of seven, we needed to send out 6 envelopes with 5 granny’s in them.
Being the procrastinating queen of the world, I knew I would get into trouble if I didn’t start immediately! So going against my nature, I had all the granny’s finished by mid-September :-)
The big unveiling is planned for November 30th, so I made the envelopes today, ready to go to Holland tomorrow!
Tessa, Birgit, Esther, Sandra, Willeke en Isolde, the granny’s are coming! Hope you like them!
Love, Zjizjipke!

14 november 2012

Lucky me!

A while ago, more than a month to be honest (Sorry it took so long to blog this, Petra) I won the give-away at Woonschrift.

A few days later this sweet present found its way to my door:


Inside the pretty purple paper where 3 cute DIY packages:

A embroidery pattern with all the utensils to make this little owl.

A spool knitting pack, with yarn and some wire to make words like this:


And last but not least: all the felt pompons to make a really colourful bunting!


Thanks for the fantastic prezzies, Petra!

You can find her creative and inspiring place on the web here and here!

Love, Zjizjipke!

11 november 2012


I know it’s been awfully quiet here for weeks on end now… And not because I have nothing to write about or no creative ideas, I just don’t seem to get anything done.

My to-do-list or want-to-do-list are becoming ridiculously long or should I say endless! Endless to the point I’m doing multiple projects at once instead of finishing them one by one.

Some projects I need to do or finish don’t even get going, because I want them to turn out perfect! I know perfectionism kills creativity and the challenge is to allow yourself to make mistakes. My biggest challenge is turning of my need for perfection in creations, so not easy!!

So I end up browsing the net, picking up more ideas for my to-do-list on Pinterest(vicious circle anyone?), procrastinating current projects, telling myself I’ll write a new blog post tomorrow and so on… Result? Frustration off course!

Therefore I see this post as my first step to redemption and I’ll try to post more frequent and just do something creative! Maybe I should just look at these quotes more often?



How do you all keep this blogger’s block or creative block at bay? Any tips??

Love, Zjizjipke!