25 november 2012

Whatever happened to Blankie n°2??

You remember how enthusiastically I started Blankie n°2 way back in January? With her 450 squares I needed to make?
I know you all are thinking ‘finally the here-she-is-in-all-her-glory-post is here’. Well, yes and no…
During the summer doubt started to creep in, doubt about the heaviness of the end result, all cotton for a double sized blanket equals a lot of weight… The practicality, will it fit in the washing machine? And I lost my drive to crochet another 200 squares for a Blankie that would be absolutely cute, but unused probably…
Then I started to think about the box full of squares that just sat there… What to do? What to do?
Take them all apart and re-use the yarn? Well, no! Maybe I could use them for smaller blankets? Like baby-blankets? Yes! That’s it!
So two new-born bundles of joy are now the proud owners of the very first batch of Zjizjipke’s babyblankies extraordinaire…
The first one for a beautiful baby girl.
2012-08-29 20.45.33
The second one for a gorgeous baby boy.
Hopefully I can make some more baby’s happy with some blankies, I can make loads of colour combinations with my squares :-)
Can’t wait to hear what you think about the babyblankies!
Love, Zjizjipke!

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