30 april 2012

Happy Birthday!

My little kitty turns 4 today!
Time flies, looks like only yesterday she came to live here… I found her in a shelter with her mum, brother and sister. They were taken away from a bad home, waiting for some nice people to take care of them. Browsing around some sites, thinking about getting a cat and there was her pic! So cute, so small, so gorgeous, I knew I found my new roommate!
According to the lady from the shelter and my vet she’s a half-bread, part street cat, part Siamese or Ragdoll. Her colours suggest one of both, the fluff and the hairs on my couch deliver proof of the part Ragdoll ;-) I’ve never had a cat with so much hair!
Before she could come home with me, she needed surgery to repair an umbilical defect. Poor little thing, so young and already stitches!
Finally we went to the shelter to pick her up! During the ride home, she cried lots, I was scared it would take quite some time to get used to her new living environment… So I opened her cage so she could see the living room and seek hiding under whatever was closest. No need to worry, our little lady took one look around and joyfully examined every corner of her new home. Two minutes later she was playing with her new toys and afterwards fell asleep on my mum’s lap. She was home indeed…
She’s got a feisty temperament (as visitors shall agree!), but needs her mommy (me) so bad! She loves hours of cuddles, sleeping on my lap, playing catch with her laser-mouse, eating (of course), killing every fly that dares to enter her domain and dragging her stuffed tiger around the house. That tiger (actually she’s got two, just in case one get’s assassinated) can tell stories! He’s been drowned in her water bowl, been chewed on, been thrown in the air and jumped on, etc.
At night she likes to sleep on the bed, as close to my leg as possible. In the morning when the alarm goes off, it’s her solemnly sworn duty to get me out of bed. A whole range of tricks at her disposal: sticking her nose in my ear and sighing, giving head-butts disguised as cuddles, chewing on my hair or just scratching any limb above the blankets… Could it come as a surprise I haven’t overslept once the last four years?
However sometimes she’s so exhausting, I wouldn’t want to miss her for the world! She’s my little baby :-)
Happy Birthday Maija!!!
Love, Zjizjipke!

22 april 2012

My new/old type case!

Months ago I came across an old type case (letterbak) in my favourite thrift store. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was! Wanted one for ages… Then the procrastination set in, yes indeed! I sanded it down and it disappeared in the closet :-) Finally a few weeks ago I painted it white (took 4 layers, I didn’t use the right paint, but it came out white, so mission accomplished!)
After spending a few hours choosing paper, measuring, cutting and gluing, it is time for the big reveal!
Isn’t she a beauty?
Love, Zjizjipke!

16 april 2012

Home Sweet Home: hard work!

Well, it’s really hard work keeping those books from falling over!

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Don’t look at me like that, it’s an important job!

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220509 034

Finally, playtime!

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Love, Zjizjipke!

15 april 2012

In the meanwhile…

I’m working on about four crafty projects! Today I’ve been cutting and measuring (well, measuring and then the cutting off course!), there was some glue involved too…



What’s it going to be? Stay tuned!

Love, Zjizjipke!

1 april 2012

Chili con/sin carne!

Well, this seems to be turning into a cooking blog instead of a creative one ;-) Have no fear, crochet and other stuff are happening as we speak, the results will be shown soon! For now, I’ve got a great recipe for chili con (or sin, if you prefer) carne!

What do you have to get?

- 2 onions

- 2 cloves of garlic

- 1 sweet (red) pepper (rode paprika)

- 250 grams minced meat (or no meat of a meat substitute…)

- 1/2 small can of tomato concentrate (about 35 grams)

- 2 cans of chopped tomatoes (2*400 grams)

- 2 cans of kidney (red) beans (2*400 grams)

- 1 can of corn (400 grams)

- chili powder (I used 2 teaspoons, wasn’t that hot, so add more or less according to taste)

- 1 tablespoon oregano

- 1 tablespoon crushed cumin (komijn)

- pepper and salt

- rice or tacos or something else to eat with the chili :-)

What to do?

Dice the onions and stew them in some butter in a big enough casserole, add the garlic and the minced meat and bake until the meat is done. Add the diced pepper and the spices and stew for a few minutes more. Smell the aroma! Add the tomato concentrate, the cans of chopped tomatoes, stir well and let it simmer on a low heat for 15 minutes. Add the beans and the corn, again on low heat, simmer about 10 minutes. Taste and add some more spices if needed… Serve and enjoy!


Love, Zjizjipke!