25 maart 2011

The loot!

Ikea, that’s where I spent most of my day yesterday…
Apart from some storage stuff, which I love btw, I had my eyes on some fabric and orchids.

More orchids? More fabric? Yes, yes, I’m guilty of both charges…

3 different pieces of fabric, I told myself would be enough for now.

So here they are:

The last one isn't really clear, but the cat woulnd't budge... If you look well, you can see it in her eyes, she claims this piece for herself!

Mission: buy three (and only three) pieces of fabric.

Status mission: completed? as if...

Evidence of failed mission:

A bag of fabric??????? Uhm, yes, it is...
Somewhere in Ikea, there is a discount corner, maybe you've already been there?
It's crammed full furniture with flaws and 'end of season' stuff, but sometimes one gets lucky and stumbles over a bag full of goodies!
Goodies in the sense of seven different fabrics, dimensions between a metre and several meters (!) for the grand price of 9,99 euros...
Let's just say, it made my day ;-)

Love, zjizjipke

23 maart 2011

Multilingual crochet!

Hello everyone!

While exploring the enormous amount of patterns in the gigantic world of the internet, I kept mixing up the UK and US terms with the Dutch ones… Every time I want to crochet one of your beautiful creations, I needed to check and double-check (thanks Google for that…)

So I said to myself and the cat, because she’s always nearby, I said: Listen girl, now you’re going to make some kind of sheet on which you can see in a blink of an eye if it’s yo once or twice.

I twiddled and fiddled with a spreadsheet and there it was, UK terms sisterly beside US and Dutch terms. Maybe these are even useful for the English speaking lovelies who visit my blog and want to translate a Dutch pattern. Maybe, who knows…

Love, Zjizjipke!