31 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 31

Lapland 016
Something beautiful.
One of my favourite pictures ever! The view from a mountain in Finland. The nature there is so beautiful!! I can keep staring at the photo and dream about going back someday :-)
Love, Zjizjipke!

30 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 30

My personality.
They say a picture can tell a thousand words, but I haven’t found one that tells my story yet…
So a photo of my blog! A post about taking off the masks, a challenge from March… If you want to get to know me more, read the ‘wijvenweek’ posts, I revealed some aspects of my personality there :-)
Love, Zjizjipke!

29 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 29

A number.
29,2 is my number for today :-) It’s the indoor temperature at 8 o’clock at night… One of the downsides of living on the top floor, it get’s hot in the summer! That explains my new addiction: ice-cold, frozen popsicles!!!
Love, Zjizjipke!

28 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 28

The weather today!
Hot, sunny and gorgeous! Finally the wet and cold spring has transformed into hot, summery weather!
Love, Zjizjipke!

27 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 27

Something sweet.
Stevia… Less calories, sweet taste and healthier than sugar or artificial sweeteners (no sugar highs and lows!)… And yet, I can’t seem to get used to the taste :-( I still prefer the sugary taste of real sugar. Maybe in time I’ll learn to like it!
Love, Zjizjipke!

26 mei 2012

25 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 25

One of my (many) orchids has an unusual shape of petals, with gaps and bulges… But she’s one of a kind! With pretty vibrant rose/purple mixed with splashes of yellow she makes me smile!
Love, Zjizjipke!

24 mei 2012

23 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 23

My Sony eReader is one of my favourite technologic toys! My boyfriend choose this perfect new year's gift for me… The best gift ever, he knows me well!
I love reading, but I don't seem to find as much reading time as I would want… So by taking a book with me to work, I can squeeze in some well-deserved book-time during lunch. And thanks to my eReader I don’t have to carry heavy books on the train, it fits in my purse :-) Love it!!!!
Love, Zjizjipke!

22 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 22

A really lively and fun colour for today… I totally love pink accessories!
So behind the photo bombing cat you can spot my pink grocery bag :-)
Love, Zjizjipke!

21 mei 2012

Home Sweet Home: Outdoors…

The biggest asset of my tiny apartment is the balcony! It’s about 10 by 2 metres, facing south and totally made of bankirai wood. No neighbours can peek on the terrace, so that’s nice too :-)


The last few years I scrubbed it with some brown soap when spring arrived to give it a good clean, but it needed more this year.


So I gave it a good scrub.


And then coated it with special bankirai oil. And wow! It’s so pretty now!


I did half this weekend, the rest is for next weekend. look at the difference!


I like the greyish colour of untreated bankirai, but there where too many stains, so something had to be done!


Then it’s time to enjoy and relax on my little peace of outdoor heaven… So bring on the nice weather please!

Home Sweet Home is Barbaramama's idea. Check her blog for more Home Sweet Home!

Love, Zjizjipke!

Photo a day challenge: May 21

Where do you stand?
At home, just back from work, with a kitty-cat demanding attention!
Love, Zjizjipke!

20 mei 2012

19 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 19

A favourite place.
Snuggly on the sofa with blankies, candy, crochet, books, dvd’s and off course the cat :-) Relaxing bliss!
Love, Zjizjipke!

18 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge : May 18

Something I made.
Well, I’ve got lots of photos of handmade stuff, but I’ll show you one of my latest successful project: my revamped type case! I’m still in love with the result!
Love, Zjizjipke!

17 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 17

A grapefruit… And before you think I eat loads of fruit, this is day one of my resolution to eat fruit :-) Not a resolution to eat more fruit, no, to eat at least one piece a day… Sometimes weeks go by without eating any, except a banana now and then. Day one with fruit: success!
Love, Zjizjipke!

16 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 16

What you’re reading.
Robin Hobb: Renegade’s magic (Magisch eindspel)
Book three of the Soldier Son Trilogy.
I just love a good fantasy novel!
Love, Zjizjipke!

15 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 15

A photo from a painting that’s destined to be on the bedroom wall :-)
Love, Zjizjipke!

14 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 14

Due to a lack of grass on my 4th storied apartment, I took a pic of the flower full lawn from the window at work… While thinking I would rather be laying in the grass than working!
Love, Zjizjipke!

13 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 13

Rhodos 2007 142
Happy Mothers day to all moms!!!
This photo was taken on one of our many trips together. Clear blue sea in Greece, so you can see my mom’s foot and a shrimp! I love my mother with all my heart! She’s always been there for me and even though being a single parent isn’t easy she did the best job! She’s the best mom in the whole wide world!
Love, Zjizjipke!

12 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 12


What makes you happy.
Holiday! Beach! Sun! Cocktails! Relax! Enjoy!
Love, Zjizjipke!

11 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 11

Since my kitchen is kind of really ugly and old, in desperate need of renovation, I won’t scare you with a picture! I’ll show you a photo of my fridge instead…
Magnets, flowers, postcards, word-magnets to make your own stories, they all brighten up my fridge door. That way sweet cards can make me smile everyday!
Love, Zjizjipke!

10 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 10


A favourite word.

Friends! (including the forever…)

Sometimes when life gives us hardship and pain, friends help you to stay strong and hang in there… Even though you’re being so foolish and you do the exact opposite of the good advice they give you, they don’t give up on you! My BFF is the only reason I've not yet gone completely crazy!

Love, Zjizjipke!

And the dark blob in the right corner is the cat’s paw, she meddles everywhere :-)

9 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 9

Something you do everyday.
Eat candy… I’ve always got a jar with sour sweets on my coffee table and off course not a day goes by without eating some (or lots) :-)
Love, Zjizjipke!

8 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 8

A smell you adore.
Lots of smells can enchant me… Flowers, rain after a long, hot day, a freshly mowed lawn, yummy food, etc. So much to choose from…
For today’s photo I picked my two favourite perfumes: J’adore for me and Acqua di Gio for him… They smell so good!
Love, Zjizjipke!

7 mei 2012

Home Sweet Home: Little blue man


This little blue man lives in my kitchen. He was given to my by my mum to guard the sugar :-) He’s always so happy! Maybe it’s the sugar rush that makes him smile…

Love, Zjizjipke!

Home Sweet Home is Barbaramama's idea. Check her blog for more Home Sweet Home!

Photo a day challenge: May 7

Someone that inspires you.
Well lots of people do! Some of them are nicely stashed in my favourites list, other I keep on my Pinterest page… I just love my fellow bloggers and their continuous stream of inspiration!! Cheers to you all!
Love, Zjizjipke!

6 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 6

027 - kopie
A trip to the coast last year, really cold, hence the jacket and the scarf… But yes, barefoot in the water! Should have taken a pic of the blue toes afterwards…
Love, Zjizjipke!

5 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 5

A great titmouse (koolmees in Dutch) checking out the birdhouse… Such sweet, little birds!
Love, Zjizjipke!

4 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 4

This photo was taken in M&M World in London last year. Every year Crazy Crafter and I get on the Eurostar to spend one or more fun-filled days in our favourite city! Fun fun fun!!!
Love, Zjizjipke!

3 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 3

What I wore today.
My new red-orange pleather (fake-leather) spring jacket :-)
Oh yeah, and the cat… She spends so many hours on my lap, it counts as wearing her, no?
Love, Zjizjipke!

1 mei 2012

Photo a day challenge: May 1

This month I’m going to set myself a new goal: posting a pic everyday! My BFF Crazy Crafter found this fun challenge on fat mum slim’s website.
The idea? Every day there’s a new theme and you can post your picture on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Easy peasy, right? Ask me again on May 31… ;-)
Please, please keep in mind, I’m not a photographer, I’m an amateur, really an amateur in this and so is my camera! I am going to make obvious and dreadful mistakes that will stop any non-amateurs heart! So be warned, there’s a health-warning on these posts… But the idea is to get to know my camera a little better, for the good of my blog :-) (so tips are welcome!)
Themes this month are:
So here goes nothing, my first photoadayMay-pic:
To stay in the crochet-style, scraps from Blankie 2 (still in progress).
Love, Zjizjipke!