24 februari 2013

The making of a crochet bunting, part 2

Today I’m showing you how I transformed those crocheted triangles into a bunting.

I started with the 5 flags I made here.


Using the same yarn as before (Drop Paris) chain 8 (or more if you prefer), then you take one of the flags and dc (sc in US) in every dc of the top part of the flag.

When you come at the end of the first triangle, chain 2 (or more if you want the flags wider apart) and add the next flag, dc across the top, chain 2, next flag and so on, until you used up all your triangles, chain 8 (or the amount you started with).

Turn, chain and dc in every chain and dc until you end up back at the beginning.

Tadaah! You have made a bunting!

I spruced mine up with the help of some felt and my glue gun:


Yes, my cat is one spoiled little kitty! She even gets her own bunting :-)





My flags are really close together, but time will tell why ;-) So if you want them not as bunched up, just chain some more stitches in between the flags.

What do you think of my first crocheted bunting?

Love, Zjizjipke!

17 februari 2013

A pretty mod podge experiment!

Two weeks ago when I posted some Mod Podge (p)inspirations, I mentioned a flower I made. Realising I never showed it to you all, I’ll do it now :-)

It was a gift I made for Mothers day last year, together with a framed picture of my mom and grandmother.

2012-08-15 015

2012-08-15 0172

Both of them where plain wood that I embellished with Mod Podge, pretty paper and some buttons.

What do you think? My mom loved them!

Love, Zjizjipke!

10 februari 2013

Lucky me!

For the launch of her new website ‘Mijn thuisgevoel’, Kristel organised a give-away! And guess what? I was one of the three lucky winners!

A few days later I found a package when I came home, with this beautiful vintage tin inside:


And… lots of yummy chocolates!


Thanks, Kristel!!


You should check out her website and her online shop, she sells beautiful vintage stuff and type cases!

Love, Zjizjipke!

3 februari 2013

Mod Podge (p)inspiration

It has been a while since I shared some of my inspirational pins, so I present: all things Mod Podge :-)

The ultimate website for first time Mod Podge users is There you can learn how to use the different kinds.

Me? I love playing with the stuff! I used it for my typecase, a book cover, and more… (Seems I haven’t written a post about my wooden flower yet… Goes on the list!)

key hooks-01
magazine holder
More Mod Podge inspiration on my Pinterest board!
Love, Zjizjipke!