27 januari 2013

Look what I got!

On Friday I opened my mailbox to find:
I won a give-away Nicole hosted on her blog. Sweet! In the envelop, starring her two sheep Piper and Mooney, I found a really pretty purple pencil case:
In the case she put a crochet hook with a foam piece to avoid cramps while hooking away, some cute pin buttons (love the crocheting queen one!!), a button flower,
a lovely note,
and a purse frame to make a snap coin purse. Nicole has made a lovely granny purse tutorial on her blog!
Thanks Nicole! I love my presents :-)
Love, Zjizjipke!

20 januari 2013

Coconut hair mask!

While I’m typing the first part of this post, I am smelling like a bounty bar! Yummy! Love the smell of coconut :-) That’s already the first benefit of this easy-peasy homemade mask.

A lot of opinions and statements about coconut oil have been put up on the web about health benefits, heal risks, beauty applications etc.. Some people think it’s the best way to eat healthy, other studies show opposite results. I’m not here to discuss those issues, I just want to try for myself if coconut oil used as a hair mask works for my hair. I’ll do a post about previous hair experiments later, like going no-poo.

Most oils cover the hair strands and therefore act like a seal, keeping the moisture in. Some people say coconut oil is the only oil that is small enough to enter the hair strand and nourish it from the inside. There are studies, web posts, beauty logs pro and con, but I wanted to see for myself!

When you buy the coconut oil, it’s in a jar and looks white and solid. I got mine at the health food store for around 9 euros (12$).



It melts at about 25 degrees, so you can use the warmth of your hands to melt it or put a small amount in a little pot on the heating. Having really cold hands this time of the year, I used the heating method. When melted it becomes liquid (duh!) and clear. Time to put it on your head!

You need:
- Melted coconut oil
- A towel
- Hair clip(s)
- A shower

Best time to do this is when you have no place to go for a few hours, like a lazy Sunday :-). You could leave in the mask overnight, but then I recommend using a shower cap to protect the pillow from getting greasy.
Brush out your hair, put the towel over your shoulders to protect your clothes. Take some of the liquefied coconut oil and start massaging it into your scalp. Take your time, so you cover the whole of your scalp (or you could use someone to do this for you and enjoy the massage!) Next, you tackle the lengths of your hair, gently rub in the oil, especially covering the ends, those tend to get really dry. Put your hair up with the clip and wait… If you want you could apply some heat to your hair, it is said to help the hair to absorb the oil. Leave in the oil for as long as you like, but at least 20 minutes or so.

At the moment I’m at this stage, so I’ll be back when the oil is out :-)

Ok, I’m back! I let the oil sit for a couple of hours (it’s snowing outside, so I’m staying in today!). I used the hairdryer to apply some heat for a few minutes. After washing out the oil (I did need to wash it 3 times to be sure I wasn’t left with greasy hair) I just let it air-dry. You could do your normal styling routine of course!

So, now the all important results! My hair is super soft, shiny and looks somewhat curlier and it’s not at all greasy! Is it a miracle solution for my difficult hair? No, but I wasn’t really expecting that :-) It does look more moisturized, so I’ll be trying it again, maybe it even gets better after more uses?!

- The smell! Even after washing my hair, I smell a subtle coconut aroma.
- Instant hand mask in one go, I rubbed my hands, nails and cuticles with the excess oil, let it set a few minutes before washing my hands.
- Super soft, shiny and moisturized hair…
- Cheap.
- Easy!

- Oil stains, be careful not to smudge your clothes!
- You have to be sure to wash your hair a few times to prevent oily hair.

Hope you liked this experimental post! I’ll keep you posted about further results :-)

Love, Zjizjipke!

13 januari 2013

The making of a crochet bunting, part 1

For a big project I’m working on for months, I wanted to make a bunting too. The project will remain a secret for now (it’s not finished yet!), but I’ll show you how I made the bunting.

I used Drops Paris with a number 5 crochet hook. You just need to know two kinds of stitches for this. Chain and dc-double crochet in UK (or sc in US terms). For more information about the different kinds of stitches, I made a chart.


Start with chaining two stitches.

Row 1: Dc two into the second chain from the hook.

Row 2: Turn your work, chain 1 and dc two in each stitch (4st).

Row 3: Turn your work, chain 1, dc two in first stitch, dc one in the two next stitches, dc two in the last stitch (6st).

Row 4: Turn your work, chain 1, dc one in every stitch (6st).

Row 5: Turn your work, chain 1, dc two in first stitch, dc one in the following stitches (all but the last), dc two in the last stitch (8st).

Row 6,7,…: Keep repeating row 4 and 5 (so every other row the number of stitches increases with 2).

When my flag was wide enough for my liking, but not high enough, I did some rows without increasing stitches (the last three or four rows).

I worked in the ends and then blocked the triangles on a towel. Not mandatory, but it gives them a nicer finish :-)


Next time I’ll show you how I crocheted them together.


Love, Zjizjipke!

6 januari 2013

A jacket for my e-reader.

I’ve been wanting to make a pretty cover for my e-reader for ages. Searching the web and Pinterest for a good pattern, I came across some really nice designs! Looking at the difficulty level I settled on the cover from Madebymarzipan.

Being a beginning seamstress and having made the cover in just over an hour, I can agree this isn’t a difficult pattern :-) I did however use slightly thicker batting for extra protection, so it's a bit more bulky...
Now I can read in style! I love the little roses fabric!

What do you think about my little sewing project?

Love, Zjizjipke!