25 augustus 2012

The prettiest prezzie I ever got!

In my last blog post I promised to show you the awesome gift my BFF made me, so…
It all began with a big box introduced to me with the following text:
Inside there where lots of presents, all with fun and mysterious words on them. What I found? The new issue of Mollie Makes, Joel Dewberry’s book Sewn Spaces, movie tickets, masking tape, mod podge,… Yes, she spoiled me :-)
And of course the prettiest prezzie ever! She mod podged my name in the most awesome way!! Look:
Isn’t it pretty? They got a special place in my living room, so I can admire them every day!
Of course there was cake too :-) So even though I’m another year older, it was a fantastic birthday!
Love, Zjizipke!

12 augustus 2012

Crafty birthday!!

My BFF and I have our birthdays with a week in between, so the summer is all about parties and prezzies! We exactly know what to get for each other :-) To maximize the fun of giving I made an array of different presents, some books she liked, masking tape, crafty paper,… And some handmade, especially for her, one of a kind items.
I put the rolls of masking tape in a glass jar that I decorated with a doily and butterfly paper (she loooooves butterflies):

The masking tape was hidden among lots of yarn ends, so she wouldn’t spot the actual prezzie on sight!

Then I began the daunting task to mod podge her a book with nice fabrics. It took me ages, glue and wait to dry and glue and wait and glue and… you get the picture :-) but the end result was worth it I think! At least the birthday girl liked it ;-)

Yes, butterflies again :-)


The backside with roses.

I personalized the first page of her new ‘creative ideas’ book


and included a butterfly and starry bookmark.


Next time I’ll show you the pretty, homemade prezzie she gave me! It’s gorgeous!!
Love, Zjizjipke!