21 mei 2012

Home Sweet Home: Outdoors…

The biggest asset of my tiny apartment is the balcony! It’s about 10 by 2 metres, facing south and totally made of bankirai wood. No neighbours can peek on the terrace, so that’s nice too :-)


The last few years I scrubbed it with some brown soap when spring arrived to give it a good clean, but it needed more this year.


So I gave it a good scrub.


And then coated it with special bankirai oil. And wow! It’s so pretty now!


I did half this weekend, the rest is for next weekend. look at the difference!


I like the greyish colour of untreated bankirai, but there where too many stains, so something had to be done!


Then it’s time to enjoy and relax on my little peace of outdoor heaven… So bring on the nice weather please!

Home Sweet Home is Barbaramama's idea. Check her blog for more Home Sweet Home!

Love, Zjizjipke!

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