25 maart 2011

The loot!

Ikea, that’s where I spent most of my day yesterday…
Apart from some storage stuff, which I love btw, I had my eyes on some fabric and orchids.

More orchids? More fabric? Yes, yes, I’m guilty of both charges…

3 different pieces of fabric, I told myself would be enough for now.

So here they are:

The last one isn't really clear, but the cat woulnd't budge... If you look well, you can see it in her eyes, she claims this piece for herself!

Mission: buy three (and only three) pieces of fabric.

Status mission: completed? as if...

Evidence of failed mission:

A bag of fabric??????? Uhm, yes, it is...
Somewhere in Ikea, there is a discount corner, maybe you've already been there?
It's crammed full furniture with flaws and 'end of season' stuff, but sometimes one gets lucky and stumbles over a bag full of goodies!
Goodies in the sense of seven different fabrics, dimensions between a metre and several meters (!) for the grand price of 9,99 euros...
Let's just say, it made my day ;-)

Love, zjizjipke

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