11 november 2012


I know it’s been awfully quiet here for weeks on end now… And not because I have nothing to write about or no creative ideas, I just don’t seem to get anything done.

My to-do-list or want-to-do-list are becoming ridiculously long or should I say endless! Endless to the point I’m doing multiple projects at once instead of finishing them one by one.

Some projects I need to do or finish don’t even get going, because I want them to turn out perfect! I know perfectionism kills creativity and the challenge is to allow yourself to make mistakes. My biggest challenge is turning of my need for perfection in creations, so not easy!!

So I end up browsing the net, picking up more ideas for my to-do-list on Pinterest(vicious circle anyone?), procrastinating current projects, telling myself I’ll write a new blog post tomorrow and so on… Result? Frustration off course!

Therefore I see this post as my first step to redemption and I’ll try to post more frequent and just do something creative! Maybe I should just look at these quotes more often?



How do you all keep this blogger’s block or creative block at bay? Any tips??

Love, Zjizjipke!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Je hebt alvast een begin gemaakt. Mijn tip voor vandaag: werk elke dag een uur aan een onafgemaakt project. Niet meer en niet minder. Je zult zien dat het helpt. Succes ! :-)