1 maart 2012

Taking off the masks…


From march 12 until 18 the masks are coming off! Lilith and Ilse are hosting an event called ‘wijvenweek’ (no exact translation in English, but it’s like a ladiesweek with guts…)

Dozens of blogging ladies (and men) are going to post about certain themes that week… The big idea and goal is to put aside our glamorous reputation, those stunning pictures, our best work, good hair days, our clean and gorgeously decorated homes and reveal real life: the tons of badly taken pictures, projects that will never be finished or shown, the bad hair days, the dust on the floor and the piles of dirty dishes…

And yes, Zjizjipke will be one of them! So stay tuned for ‘wijvenweek’ and learn all about my (and others) hidden, darker side :-)

Love, Zjizjipke!

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