2 januari 2011

10 in 11

A few weeks ago, travelling in the Wondrous World of Blogging I stumbled onto this great idea from Peachy. She made a special blog where people could post their good intentions for 2011. There are only 2 conditions: it must be a list of 10 creative projects and you have to blog about every completed item on your list. So, I talked it over with myself and decided to post my 10in11 list.
Because the blog is in Dutch, I translated my post in English and will also post about my results here.

Hello social control!
I am so glad I found you all… Plans, plans, ideas, more plans, it’s all stuck in my head for the moment. So hopefully with all those superblogladies waiting for results and applying some gentle pressure and motivation, I will have those projects finished in turbo-mode…

So, my 10 in 11:
- Start my blog. It’s been on my mind for quite some time now, but I guess I don’t have to introduce you to Mr. or Mrs. ‘Puttingthingsoff’, do I? Fortunately I fiiiiiinally decided on a name, after numerous rejected propositions: Zjizjipke! (And if you can read this post, I achieved this one: the blog is born!)
- Make heating pads with seeds or grains. The biggest issue here is: find suitable grains… Been to the market, the health food store, still looking for the best kind.
- Make a skirt for myself with the fabric bought at the thrift store.
- Make a fabric or crochet bunting.
- Sew the Cath Kidston bag with the fabric included in her book.
- Make a cover for the cats pillow (think dimensions of a dog pillow, yes she’s spoiled…)
- Finish my crochet ripple blanket: beautiful, colourful waves, still about 1,8m to go.
- Crochet flowers, flowers and more flowers.
- Make a skirt from an old pair of jeans.
- Knit socks (at least 1 pair) for myself.

Hopefully I succeed in finishing these projects in 2011…
Love, Zjizjipke!

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