30 december 2012

What I made for Chrismas: Hot Water Bottle Cover

I had this baby in mind for a few months now and figured it would make a really good present for Christmas. Off course me being me, I started making it last-minute :-) But it was finished just in time to be wrapped and then unwrapped by the more than happy receiver!

I would like to present you a tutorial with pictures and directions, but fact is it depends on the size of your HWB, the yarn and crochet hook you use… So I’m just going to give some hints as to how I made mine!

I used the leftover yarn from my blanket: Caron Simply Soft. With my crochet hook number 5, I made a chain just slightly longer than the round curved part of the HWB, that was my base.

Then I started crocheting away… Single crochets (US) to get a good tight cover, following the curves from the bottle by increasing stiches where needed. When the cover was long enough to reach the neck of the bottle I started decreasing and increasing along the end of the HWB.

Actually you make up your pattern as you go along. After finishing the grey (back) part of the cover I realised it could be a little on the small side…

You see that it would be a little too small if I didn’t make the front part wider… So the stripy (front) part got a few more stitches to it :-) It ended up about a cm bigger on both sides.



As both sides where done, I laid them out, good sides together and began to sew around the edges. Starting from the top of the cover going down, but leaving the bottom part open! When the sewing part is done, you turn the cover good way out and stuff in the HWB. I closed the bottom with slipstitches, but you could sew it shut if you like.

And ta dah!! Your own custom-made hot water bottle is finished!


Yes, since the finishing part took place at night, I forgot to take pictures :-) So this is one after the unwrapping took place on Christmas eve!

Love, Zjizjipke!

The colours I used are Caron Simply Soft Grey Heather, Blackberry, Soft Pink, Victorian Rose and Raspberry.

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