16 december 2012

Granny stripe blankie ta dah!

In September I ordered some new yarn, yes, what a joyous day that was! Shopping for yarn and fabrics are two of my favourite things. (indeed I have a quite substantial collection of both, hence the rarity of those treasured shopping sprees…)

But since Blankie the second had been given another purpose in life, I just had to make another Blankie, right? Enter the need for new yarn, I already had the colours picked out! At I came across a beautiful acrylic yarn: Simply Soft from Caron. It comes in a nice range of colours and has a little shine to it.


The pattern I had in mind was the famous Granny Stripe Pattern from Lucy (Attic24). I started with a crochet hook number four, but the first rows turned out too rigid, so I restarted with a number five hook, which was better. Seems I crochet my stitches really tight, so next time I’m going to try a number six, just to see the difference.

The yarn was a real joy to work with, the pattern was a breeze to crochet, so the blanket grew and grew quite quickly…

Ok, enough with the blabla, here comes the Ta dah!!

Isn’t she gorgeous?? I’m totally in love with the result!

I haven’t got the exact dimensions, but she’s big enough to keep one person nice and warm!

A row of grey between four other colours gives a really nice effect, doesn’t it?

As a border I just crocheted some rows of treble crochet (US: double crochet, Dutch: stokjes)



Yes, she inspected the new Blankie and claimed it as hers (again) :-) But this one’s mine!

Love, Zjizjipke!

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