29 december 2011

I made a cake!

Finally I can show you my first homemade cake!

I made it especially for my mums birthday, she’s one of those unfortunate people who have to celebrate between Christmas and New year.. Just when everybody has enough from the eating too much, drinking too much and sleeping too little, you invite them for another party :-)

So why a cake, I hear you say… Well, it’s not one suitable for consumption! It’s a crochet cake!!


I found the pattern in a really cute book about Amigurumi, ‘Superlieve figuurtjes zelf haken’ or in English: crochet super cute figurines. For the cake itself I followed the pattern to the letter, only using different colours. The decorations, I chose myself, just crocheting some flowers, because she loves them…

At first the cake looked like this:


Then the candle was made:


The decorations in close-up:



And we can proudly say: she loved it!

Love, Zjizjipke!

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