26 december 2011

10in11, the end…

In the beginning of the year talked about 10in11 a project from Peachy. The idea was to make a list of 10 things you wanted to create in 2011 and to blog about your progress. I posted the results of my year onto the blog in Dutch, so I’ll post a translation here for my readers abroad.

With pain in my heart I have to admit my 10in11 list wasn’t very successful… Shame on me!!

I started out very enthusiastic with crocheting my ripple-blanket and getting my blog online, but around April-May I took a big blog and creativity breakdown… Well, breakdown is such a harsh word, let’s just say other things needed my complete attention. If I mention through nose and lips that I’ve found myself a boyfriend in May, you’ll probably understand why my time online and crocheting became rare…

All is well with the boyfriend, but I really missed my blog and crochet hooks and sewing machine, so I divided up my time a little more fair :-)

Now for the end results from my list:

- Starting blog. Check! Maintaining blog. A little less check, but I have high hopes!
- Heating pads with grains. Nope... All the ingredients are present, but I didn’t start yet...
- Make skirt with thrift store fabric. Nope, my sewing capabilities aren’t there yet… Maybe 2012?
- Make a bunting. Check, crochet star-bunting for Christmas!
- Cath Kidston purse. Nope, the trial version is halfway done, so again 2012 probably…
- Cover for the cats pillow. Nope, but she claimed number 7 from the list, so she has a nice place to sleep ;-)
- Ripple-blanket. Check!!!
- Crochet flowers. A few, for a soon to be presented project … So maybe half a point?
- make a skirt from an old pair of jeans. Again no, but I made one from an old sweater (so maybe half a point?)
- Socks. Nope! Tried and failed... But someday!! At the moment I’m crocheting gloves…

Final score: 4 out of 10. Ooooh, failed! Better next year! Promised!

Love, Zjizjipke!

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