13 december 2011

Sweater changes career!

A few weeks ago I came across this really nice blog, Cleolidewij. Cleo loves to use old clothes and transform them into new, beautiful items.

One of her posts is a tutorial on how to make a skirt out of an old sweater and this is the one that inspired me!

So I was a woman on a mission…

In the thrift shop I looked and rummaged through piles of sweaters, hoping to find one in wool, in a greyish kind of colour… And yes! The thrift gods have rewarded me with the perfect sweater to cut up!

After apologizing (again) to my sewing machine for abandoning her for so long, I started on project ‘my new-old skirt’. With success! So tadaaaaaaaaaaah:


It fits! I got lots of compliments when I first wore it, so I guess this is a winner…


The red stitches were a nice detail on the sweater, so I kept that side intact.


On the other side, I cheated a (little) lot… Because the wool stretched a little while sewing the dark grey borders didn’t line up… So I crocheted a little heart and used it as camouflage! You only notice it on the picture or if I’m standing still, so I’ll keep moving and it’ll be our little secret ;-)

Love, Zjizjipke!

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